Beach Boys & Various Artists - Endless Summer TV Show - Volume 2 (2 PAL DVD-Rs)


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Endless Summer was an 8-episode, summer fill-in TV series originally broadcast (and never repeated) in 1989.  The format featured the Beach Boys performing live in concert, guest musical artists, stand-up comedians and the best part, the Beach Boys sitting on the beach, around a fire, reminiscing on the 60's, telling stories & singing songs very much like their 1965 LP, "Party!"

The Beach Boys Endless Summer 1989 - Episode Five
Little Deuce Coupe
Little Surfer
I Get Around
Billy Vera and the Beaters - Ronnie's Song
Jack Mack and the Heart Attack - Kid Brother
Samantha Fox - I Wanna Have Some Fun
June Pointer - Time On Time
Comedy: George Wallace, Ritch Shydner and the Great Rocko
Beach Fireside gathering: Brian calls Mike a sentimentalist
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
Bermuda Shorts
One Kiss Led To Another

The Beach Boys Endless Summer 1989 - Episode Six
Surfin' Safari
California Girls
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Surf City
The Stray Cats - Gene and Eddie
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Taking Care of Business
The Cruzados - Don't Throw Stones
Animotion - Calling It Love
Penn and Teller insult California Girls
Comedy: Pamela Madison, Don Reed and the Great Rocko
Beach-Fireside gathering
In My Room
Barbara Ann

The Beach Boys Endless Summer 1989 - Episode Seven
Shut Down
Fun Fun Fun
Surfin' USA
Little Old Lady from Pasadena
Brian Wilson - Love and Mercy
Chicago: 25 or 6 to 4 / Look Away
Billy Vera and the Beaters - Heart Be Still
Kathy Mattea - Come From The Heart
Comedy: George Wallace / Glen Super
Beach Boy's mom Audrey Wilson talks about the first time she heard her boys on the radio.  She calls Surfin' "kind of a dumb song!" 
Dr. Timothy Leary gets trippy while talking about the Beach Boys
Beach-Fireside gathering
Graduation Day
Still Crusin'

The Beach Boys Endless Summer 1989 - Episode Eight
Be True To Your School
Rock and Roll Music
Wipe Out
God Only Knows
Highway 101 - Setting Me Up
Al B. Sure - Nite and Day
Comedy: Ellen Degeneres, Richard Jeni and the Great Rocko
Brook Shields says she brought a cassette of the Beach Boys to California so she could catch the full California vibe.
Brian gives a young band advice on how to stay together for a long time, "don't hang out with each other".
Beach-Fireside gathering: They want to sing an Everly Brothers song but can't decide.
Bird Dog
All I Have To Do Is Dream (Brian forgets the lyrics and sings, "Blah, Blah, Blah)

Quality: Quality is very good for it's time, about an 8.25-8.5 using our website Quality Rating Table.

Running Time: 185 minutes.

Format: 2 PAL DVD-R discs.

Price: $29.00