Malibu-U (1967) & Summer Children (1965) (1 PAL DVD-R disc)


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The Summer Children (1965):
Featuring rock & surf group, The Deacons.  This long thought lost 1965 youth culture film was never released due to budget problems.  The Summer Children depicts the other side of the Frankie & Annette Beach Party movies by showing a more realistic picture of the 1965 Southern California teenage pop culture scene; namely, free love.  The film centers on West, an old-fashioned romantic who has a hard time getting his head around the new social mores of the swinging 60's -- free love and non-commitment.

Includes cool scenes at the "Honey Hut" hangout where all of the kids shake their butts to the sounds of rock and roll group, The Deacons.  Songs include:

Summer Children
Here, There Or Anywhere
Not So Wisely, But So Well
Little Orphan Annie
Crazy Love

Starring Stuart Anderson, Valora Noland, John Hanek, Sandy Gabriel, Steve Bobbit, David Arkin, Alison Julian, Frank Luther and The Deacons.

Malibu-U is the name of a short-lived American variety TV series that aired in the summer of 1967. Ricky Nelson starred as the dean of a fictional college called "Malibu U," where the biggest popular music stars of the 1960s performed once a week. The show had a “Where The Action Is” feel with rock & roll artists lip-synching to their latest hits, comic bits, drag racing, choreographed dancers, muscle cars and fun. It lasted for only 7 episodes, going off the air on Sept-1-1967. This is the final episode featuring The Breed “Green Eyed Woman”; Peter And Gordon “Sunday For Tea”; Dionne Warwick “The Windows Of The World”; Marvin Gaye “Your Unchanging Love”; Sandy Posey “I Take It Back”. Great rock and roll trivia: The Breed was a terrific garage band featuring Timothy B. Schmit who later played in both Poco and the Eagles.

Video Quality: "The Summer Children" is in very good B&W quality, about an 8.5 using our website Quality Rating table.  "Malibu-U" is in acceptable B&W quality, about a 7.5-7.75.

Running Length:
Summer Children: 82 minutes
Malibu-U: 34 minutes
Total Running Time: 116 minutes

Disc Format: 1 PAL DVD-R disc.