Freakbeat, Garage And Pop-Psych - Volume 2 (1967) (1 PAL DVD-R disc)


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Freakbeat, Garage & Pop-Psycho Rarities Series: This stunning 6 volume release is NOT your regular collection of 60's performances that you have seen before.  They are primarily English speaking 60's Garage and Psych artists performing on RARE French TV shows in the 1960's. 

Volume 2 - 1967
Flight From Ashiya
Holiday Maker (Le Petit Dimanche Illustré Oct-22-1967)

Pink Floyd
Arnold Layne (Bouton Rouge May-21-1967)

The Alan Bown Set
The Killing Game (Dim Dam Dom May-14-1967)

The Easybeats
Friday On My Mind (Tilt Magazine Sept-4-1967)
Pretty Girl (A Tous Vents March-5-1967)

The Flowerpot Men
Let’s Go To San Francisco (Tete de Bois et Tendres Années Nov-8-1967) **

The Kinetic
Suddenly Tomorrow (Vient de Paraitre Feb-23-1967)

The Koobas
Face (A Tous Vents Jan-15-1967)

The Motions
Every Step I Take
Same Old Song (Music-Hall de France Feb-15-1967)

The Move
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
Night Of Fear (Tete du Bois et Tendres Années April-12-1967) *

The Pebbles
Huma La, La, La, La (A Tous Vents Feb-19-1967)

The Small Faces
Here Comes The Nice (Le Petit Dimanche Illustré Oct-29-1967)
I’m Only Dreaming (Discorama Oct-29-1967)

The Thoughts
All Night Stand (A Tous Vent March-5-1967)

The Troggs
I Can Only Give You Everything
From Home
With A Girl Like You Mona
I Can’t Control Myself (Bouton Rouge June-18-1967) *

The VIPs
My Babe (Bouton Rouge June-18-1967) *

* Live performance, not lip synch. ** live vocals over recorded backing.

Video Quality: Quality ranges from good to excellent, most are very good to excellent quality.  No logos or annoying running time counter codes. 

Running Length: 72 mins.

Disc Format: 1 PAL DVD-R disc.