Various Artists - The Go Show - Volume 2 (PAL DVD-R)


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The Go!! Show was Melbourne, Australia's most up-tempo and rocking teenage music TV show and was modeled on Britain's Ready Steady Go! and America's Shindig.

Filmed befroe a live audience, The GO!! Show featured a mod look and English beat-group sound and (almost exclusively) featured local Melbourne performers.  Lots of chunka-chunka guitar beat!

The GO!! Show 1966
AUS. TV Show. Nov-28-66.  ATV Channel 0, Melbourne.  Compered by Johnny Young.
The Mixtures - Koko Joe
Crispian St. Peters - But She's Untrue
Denise Drysdale - Dancing In The Streets
The Deakins - Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love
Johnny Young - Uptight
Annette Steele - We're Gonna Stand Upon A Mountain
Tony Barber - Lookin' For A Better Day
The Strangers - Paperback Writer
Crispian St. Peters - You Were On My Mind
The Mixtures - Lose Your Money
Denise Drysdale - Rescue Me
Johnny Young - You Got What It Takes
The Deakins - Look & Learn
Annette Steele - Who Am I
Normie Rowe - Ooh La La
Tony Barber - I Don't Want You Like That
Crispian St. Peters - Pied Piper.

Plus this bonus selction...
Approaximately Panther 1967
AUS. documentary.  Excellent quality.  A fascinating look at the mid-60's youth culture scene in Melbourne, Australia.  Hosted by chain-smoking reporter Douglas Panther.  The film is loaded with terrific interviews from some of the major "faces" of the Melbourne scene including pop singer Lynne Randell, model Jenny Ham, Thumpin' Tum (a happening club) owner, singing duo Bobby & Laurie, poet Adrian Rawlins and band manager David Flint.

Priceless footage of Melbourne in '66 includes: drag races, fashions, music scenes and shops, radio stations and discoteques.  There are also some brilliant music clips of the Loved Ones performing, highlighting the thriving mid-60s Australian music scene.

Quality: The quality of this title is slightly below our normal standards, fair/acceptable quality, about a 7.75. It has been included due to it's rarity and demand from our customers for it.
Running Time: 105 minutes.
Format: 1 PAL DVD-R disc.
Price: $22.00