Cher - Forever Hits Media Collection - Volumes 3 & 4 (2 NTSC DVD-Rs)


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Disc 1
Medley (with Bettle Midler) (Cher Show 1975)
Can You Hear Me (With David Bowie) (Cher Show 1976)
Medley & Young Americans (with David Bowie) (Cher Show 1976)
Benny And The Jets (with Elton John) (Cher Show 1975)
Medley (with Elton John & Bette Midler) (Cher Show 1975)
Medley (with Frankie Valli & Pat Boone) (Cher Show 1975)
Aquarius (with Glen Campbell) (Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour 1969)
Bang Bang (with Glen Campbell) (Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour 1969)
Medley (with Glen Campbell) (Sonny and Cher Show 1976)
Move Me (with Gregg Allman) (Whistle Test 1977)
Country Side Of Life (with Tina Turner) (Cher Show 1975)
Shake Your Music Maker (with Tina Turner) (Sonny and Cher Show 1976)
Shame Shame Shame (with Tina Turner) (Cher Show 1975)
Tribute To The Beatles (with Tina Turner) (Cher Show 1975)
Gospel Medley (with Tina Turner & Anthony Newley) (Cher Show 1976)

Disc 2
A Song For You (Cher Show 1975)
All I Really Wanna Do (Shindig 1965)
All I Really Wanna Do (Shivaree 1965)
Believe (Letterman Show 1998)
Believe (Top Of The Pops 2 (1998)
Believe (Video 1998)
Could've Been You (Aspel and Co. 1992)
Dark Lady (cartoon) (Sonny and Cher Show 1974)
Gypsys Tramps and Thieves (Sonny and Cher Show 1971)
I Found Someone (Saturday Night Live 1988)
I Found Someone (Wogan 1987)
If I Could Turn Back Time (Divas 99 1999)
If I Could Turn Back Time (MTV Music Awards 1989)
Love And Understanding (Paramount City 1991)
Love And Understanding (Top Of The Pops 1991)
Love And Understanding (Video 1980's)
Oh No Not My Baby (Des O'Connor Tonight 1992)
Oh No Not My Baby (Going Live 1992)
Save Up All Your Tears (Top Of The Pops 1991)
Save Up All Your Tears (Video 1991)
Shoop Shoop Song (Don't Forget Your Toothbrush 1994)
Shoop Shoop Song (Eurodisney 1992)
Sunny (Video 1966)
Sunny (Where The Girls Are 1968)
Walking In Memphis (Video 1995)
We All Sleep Alone (Saturday Night Live 1988)
We All Sleep Alone (Wogan 1988)

Quality: Quality does vary slightly from clip to clip, but is generally very good quality for it's time, ranging from 8.0-8.75 using our website Quality Rating Table.
Running Time: 138 minutes.
Format: 2 NTSC DVD-R discs.