Various Artists - Night Train Special (NTSC DVD-R)


Price: $22.00

Two rare 1-hour TV episodes.  Night Train was an all-black rhythm & blues, vocal group and soul music TV show produced at WLAC, Channel 5, Nashville, TN and hosted by Noble Blackwell.  The artists performed live and include the Avons, the Spidells, Hal Hardy, Jimmy Church, Ironing Board Sam, Pamela Releford, Jeffery Allen, Sandra King, Joe Perkins and many others!  Great rhythm & blues and doo wop sounds!

Very good quality B&W kinescope for it's time, especially when considering the rarity and obscurity of this title, generally averaging 8.0 using our website Quality Rating Table .
Running Time: 119 minutes.
Format: 1 NTSC DVD-R disc.