Freakbeat, Garage And Pop-Psych - Volume 1 (1966) (1 NTSC DVD-R disc)


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Freakbeat, Garage & Pop-Psycho Rarities Series: This stunning 6 volume release is NOT your regular collection of 60's performances that you have seen before.  They are primarily English speaking 60's Garage and Psych artists performing on RARE French TV shows in the 1960's. 

Volume 1 - 1966 

Los Bravos
Going Nowhere (Vient de Paraitre Oct-18-1966)

Pretty Things
Midnight To Six (Music-Hall de France May-13-1965) *

The Troggs
I Can’t Control Myself (A Tous Vents Nov-20-1966)

Gloria (Douches Ecossaise Jan-31-1966)

Los Bravos
Black Is Black (A Tous Vents Dec-4-1966)

The VIPs
Stagger Lee (Reveillon sur Les Deux Chaines Dec-31-1966) *

Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs
Juimonos (Let’s Went) (Vient de Paraitre Feb-6-1966)

The Ingoes
Jump Back (Music-Hall de France Oct-22-1966) *

The Motions
Every Step I Take (A Tous Vents Oct-23-1966)

The Sparklings
Brand New Cadillac
It’s Alright (A Vous Daniel Wayenberg Sept-5-1966) *

The Nashville Teens
Find My Way Back Home (Music-Hall de France May-13-1966) *

The What’s New
Get Away (A Tous Vents Nov-6-1966)

Los Bravos
Black Is Black
Going Nowhere (Discorama Dec-24-1966)

The Spotnicks
How Can You Leave Me Like That? (Vient de Paraitre Nov-5-1966)

The Troggs
I Can’t Control Myself (Discorama Dec-31-1966)

Mystic Eyes
Gloria (Music-Hall De France Jan-15-1966) *

The VIPs
I Want To Be Free (Reveillon sur Les Deux Chaines Dec-31-1966) *

The Young Rascals
Slow Down (Vient de Paraitre Oct-18-1966)

Los Bravos
Going Nowhere (A Tous Vent Dec-4-1966)

The Troggs
With A Girl Like You (A Tous Vents Nov-20-1966)

The VIPs
I Want To Be Free (A Tous Vents Dec-4-1966) *

* Live performance, not lip synch.

Video Quality: Quality ranges from good to excellent, most are very good to excellent quality.  No logos or annoying running time counter codes. 

Running Length: 70 minutes

Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD-R disc.