British Invasion Rarities - Volume 2 (1966) (NTSC DVD-R disc)


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British Invasion Rarities Series: This stunning series is NOT your regular collection of 60's performances that you have seen before.  They are ALL English speaking 60's British Invasion artists performing on RARE French TV shows in the 1960's. Every volume is super highly recommended.

Volume 2 - 1966 

Alan Price
For Once In My Life (Tilt Magazine Oct-5-1966)
Hi Lilli Hi Lo (A Tous Vents Oct-9-1966)
Hi Lilli Hi Lo (Vient De Paraitre Oct-16-1966)
I Put A Spell On You (Tilt Magazine Oct-5-1966)

Dave Berry
This Strange Effect (Douche Ecossaise April-4-1966)
This Strange Effect (Vient De Paraitre March-17-1966)

Sunshine Superman
Sand And Foam
Catch The Wind Mellow Yellow (Music-Hall De France Dec-17-1966) *

Ian Whitcomb
Nervous (Douches Ecossaise April-4-1966)
You Turn Me On (Paris Carrefour Du Monde April-17-1966)

Manfred Mann
Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James (Reveillon Sur Les Deux Chaines Dec-31-1966)

Screaming Lord Sutch
Honey Hush (Vient De Paraitre April-28-1966)

The Cryan Shames
Please Stay (Vient De Paraitre June-4-1966)

The Fortunes
Here It Comes Again (Douches Ecossaise May-16-1966)

The Moody Blues
Bye, Bye Bird (Douches Ecossaise March-7-1966)
Go Now (Music-Hall De France Feb-18-1966) *
I’ll Go Crazy (Cravat Noire May-3-1966) *

The Rolling Stones
Have You Seen Your Mother (Tilt Magazine Nov-9-1966)

The VIPs
My Babe (A Tous Vents Dec-4-1966)

The Walker Brothers
My Ship Is Coming In (Vient De Paraitre Feb-1-1966)

The Yardbirds
I’m A Man (Douches Ecossaise March-7-1966)
Shapes Of Things (Midi Variete April-16-1966)

* Live performance, not lip synch.

Video Quality: Quality ranges from good to excellent, most are very good to excellent quality.  No logos or annoying running time counter codes. 
Running Length: 70 minutes
Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD-R disc.