Plasmatics - Chainsaws, Shotguns and Rock 'N' Roll (The Life and Times Of Wendy O. Williams) (2 NTSC DVDs)


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DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND PLEDGEALLEGIANCE to the world's first and only Plasmatics documentary!  Chainsaws Shotguns and Rock n Roll archives the history of Wendy Orlean Williams and the Plasmatics.  This visual documentation consists of television footage submitted by fans from all over the world to tell the story of Rock and Roll's most outrageous and revolutation artists of all time.  Destroying status-quo, W.O.W. forever changed our view of women and Rock and Roll.

Disc One 
Tomorrow Show (3.3.81)
Candy Goes To Hollywood 1979
Friday's TV (1.15.81)
Tommorrow Show (5.20.81)
Wendy Interview (1980)
Solid Gold US TV (11.11.81)
New Music TV Show (1981)
SCTV (10.14.81)
Pasadena News Clip 1981)
The Damned Music Video (1982)
Wendy Night Flight (1982)
Butcher Baby Night Music Video
Japan TV

Disc Two 
It's My Life Music Video (1985)
Joan Rivers Show (1986)
Reform School Girls Music Video
Sally Jesse Raphael (1985)
Entertainment Tonight (1985)

Bonus clips!
Wendy Hots "Radio 1990"
Wendy Interviews Motley Crue

Video Quality: Ranges in quality from acceptable 7.5 to very good 8.5.  Most clips are 8.0 or just a nudge under 8.0 (7.75) 
Running Length: 145 mins.
Disc Format: 2 NTSC DVDs