Sing Sing Sing (A.K.A. Johnny O'Keefe Show) (NTSC DVD)


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Jan-31-1964 Episode, ATN7 TV, Sydne, Australia
Teenage music TV show offering an interesting variety of beat & surf music, rock and roll and teen idols.  Highlights of this episode include U.S. chart toppers Paul and Paula performing "Hey Paula", "We Go Together" and Flipped Over You".  Australian artists include the Hall Brothers who perform "Hey Little Cobra".  The Renegades do their boss surf instrumental "Kahuna" (also includes cool surfing footage).  Robert Helpman "Surfer Doll", Paul West "Who Needs Her", "I'm Coming Down", The Taylor Sisters "What Are Wwe Gonna Do In 1964?", "Girls Grow UP Faster Than Boys", Dig Richards - "Little Boxes", "Don't Do That", Johnny O'Keefe "I Can Dance", "Come Dance With Me", "Mockingbird", Graham Hawthorne "What Kind Of Fool Am I", Vicki Horton "Dance On", several others.

Feb-14-1964 episode, ATN7 TV, Sydney, Australia 
Highlights of this episode include the turban-wearing Rajas who perform "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Roll Over Beethoven" and "I Saw Her Standing There", Rod Stanton "Bossa Nova Baby", Johnny O'Keefe "Surfin' Bird", Barry Stanton "My Baby Left Me", Colin Cook "Promises", Rod Dunbar "It's Time We Parted", The Pony Trails "South Town U.S.A.", Jenny King "You Don't Own Me", George Tarrant "Billy Baby", several others.

It's interesting to noe that the Beatles had first appeared in the U.S. on the Ed Sullivan only one week earlier - and they had not yet been to Australia - but their prescence is felt in this sow.

Note on Johnny O'Keefe: After Johnny O'Keefe had his first nervous breakdown, the "Johnny O'Keefe Shhow" was retitled to "Sing, Sing, Sing" and given a new host (Lionel Long).  After a year, Johnny returned to the show but producers kept the new title just in case!.

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Running Length: 119 minutes
Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD