Live It Up (1963) + Juke Box Jury (1960) (NTSC DVD)


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Live It Up (aka Sing and Swing) is a 1963 U.K. film with music direction by Joe Meek.

With musical guests Gene Vincent, the Outlaws (with Ritchie Blackmore on lead guitar!), Heinz Burt & the Tornados, Andy Cavell & the Saints and Sounds Incorporated.  Storyline is your basic struggling band trying to make it.  Gene Vincent sings "Temptation Baby".  Also featuring Joan Newell, Ed Devereaux, Veronica Hurst, Peter Noble, David Bauer, Patsy Ann Noble, Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen, Anthony Ashdown, David Clark.

Also Juke Box Jury (1960).  A UK TV Show, Panel jury includes David McCallum and Jill Ireland.  The Jury listens to 45s and intellectualizes on their hit or miss potential.  Very entertaining!

Plus bonus vintage TV commercials and theatrical trailers

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Running Length: 118 minutes
Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD