Disk-O-Tek Holiday (aka Just For You) (Movie) (NTSC DVD-R disc)


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A strange but interesting British / U.S. movie hybrid. Includes performances by the Chiffons, Freddie Cannon and many, many more. Also has bonus documentary of "Screaming Lord Sutch". 

Disk-O-Tek Holiday (a.k.a. Just For You)
1966 U.K. Film.  US edit of England's "Just For You" is a rock and roll knockout with The Merseybeats, The Vagrants (Lesley West), Freddie Cannon, Peter and Gordon, The Rockin' Ramrods, The Chiffons, Freddie and The Dreamers and many other groups.  The story follows an aspiring teen idol and his girlfriend who harass disc jockets Bob Foster, Arnie Ginsburg and Philly's Hy Lit as they roam the country.  Cool 1960's rock and roll!  

Songs include
Band Of Angels - "Hide & Seek"
The Bachelors - "Teenage Valentiono" / "Low In The Valley"
The Vagrants - "Oh Those Eyes"
Peter & Gordon "Leave Me Alone" / "Soft As The Dawn"
The Chiffons - "Nobody Knows"
Freddy & The Dreamers - "You Were Made For Me" / "Just For You"
Johnny B. Great - "If I Had A Hammer"
Louise Cordet - "It's So Hard To Be Good"
The Applejacks - "Tell Me When"
Jackie & The Raindrops - "Locomotion"
The Merseybeats - "Milkman"
The Rockin' Ramrods - "Play It"
The Orchids - "Mr. Scrooge"
Millie Small - "Sugar Dandy"
Freddy Cannon - "Tallahassee Lassie" / "Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It" / "Beachwood City"

Screaming Lord Sutch
2002 U.K. documentary.  The British phenomenon of Rock n Horror performer Screaming Lord Sutch! Terrific rare 1960's interviews and performance footage  Dave Sutch was discovered at the 2Is coffee bar in Soho when he was 17 year old.  Screaming Lord Sutch was the first rock n roll show band.  Rare and wild footage of Sutch running around the stage swinging an axe and terrifying his audience!  He also ran for Parliament several times in the '60s, representing the National Teenage Party! Sutch was involved in a succession of great bands that included Keith Moon, Ritchie Blackmore, Nicky Hopkins, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.  His producer was Joe Meek.  Song include "Midnight Man", "Jenny Jenny", "Jack The Ripper", "Train Kept A Rollin", "Dracula's Daughter".

Video Quality:  Good VHS type quality.  
Running Length: 115 minutes
Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD-R disc.