Tom Jones - From The Valleys To Vegas (8 PAL DVD-R discs)


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Tom Jones - From The Valleys To Vegas

1.  Chills And Fever (The Beat Room, 1964)
2.  It's Not Unusual (TV Show, 1965)
3.  What's New Pussycat? (This Is Tom Jones, April-2-1970)
4.  Thunderball (Tom Jones, Hilton Special, 1965)
5.  Not Responsible (Beat, Beat, Beat, 1968)
6.  Once There Was A Time (Thank Your Lucky Star, 1960's)
7.  Green, Green Grass Of Home (This Is Tom Jones, Nov-27-1969)
8.  I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Music Scene, 1969)
9.  I'm Coming Home (Beat, Beat, Beat, 1968)
10.  Delilah (Schlagerbummel, 1968)
11.  Help Yourself (This Is Tom Jones, Nov-27-1969)
12.  Love Me Tonight (This Is Tom Jones, 1970's)
13.  Without Love (There Is Nothing) (This Is Tom Jones, 1969)
14.  Daughter Of Darkness (BBC In Concert, 1971)
15.  I Who Have Nothing
(This Is Tom Jones, April-2-1970)
16.  She's A Lady (BBC In Concert, 1971)
17.  Till (Grand Gala Du Disque, 1974)
18.  A Boy From Nowhere
(Video Clip, 1987)
19.  Kiss (Top Of The Pops, 1988)
20.  Move Closer (Wogan, 1989)
21.  Sex Bomb (Top Of The Pops, 2000)
22.  Tom Jones International (Top Of The Pops, 2002)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
1.  Angel Eyes
2.  Burt Bacharach Medley

This Is Tom Jones (Nov-27-1969)
3.  Don't Fight It (Feel It)
4.  Fly Me To The Moon
5.  Get Ready
6.  Hello Young Lovers
7.  Hits Medley

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
8.  Hound Dog
9.  I Can't Stop Loving You

10.  I Got Plenty Of Nothing (This Is Tom Jones, 1970)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
11.  Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
12.  Shake
13.  She Loves Me
14.  Show Me

15.  The Games People Play (This Is Tom Jones, 1970)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
16.  The Rose
17.  Turn On Your Lovelight

18.  Delilah (Ed Sullivan Show, 1968)
19.  It's Not Unusual (Ed Sullivan Show, 1965)
20.  It's Not Unusual (Ed Sullivan Show, 1968)
21.  Danny Boy (Ed Sullivan Show, 1960's)

This Is Tom Jones (1970)
22.  Brother Can You Spare A Dime
23.  Gonna Build A Mountain
24.  I'll Be Home For Christmas

25.  Scarlet Ribbons (This Is Tom Jones, 1969)

Tom Jones London Bridge Special (1970)
26.  Got To Get You Into My Life
27.  I Who Have Nothing
28.  If

1.  Danny Boy
 (This Is Tom Jones, Nov-27-1969)
2.  Danny Boy (This Is Tom Jones, Feb-2-1969)
3.  Lodi (This Is Tom Jones, Nov-27-1970) 
4.  Lucille (This Is Tom Jones, 1969)
5.  You Came A Long Way From St. Louis (This Is Tom Jones, Nov-27-1969)
6.  I Who Have Nothing (This Is Tom Jones, Sept-25-1969)
7.  I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (This Is Tom Jones, 1970)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
8.  I'm Gonna Make You Mine
9.  In The Midnight Hour
10.  It's A Man's Man's Man's World
11.  Kansas City
12.  Land Of 1000 DAnces
13.  Let It Be Me
14.  Long Tall Sally
15.  Mr. Bojangles

16.  What'd I Say? (This Is Tom Jones, 1970)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
17.  What's New Pussycat
18.  You'll Never Walk Alone

19.  Delilah (Midnight Special, 1976)
20.  It's Not Unusual (This Is Tom Jones, 1970)
21.  Lady Madonna (Tom Jones Show, 1970's)
22.  Mary's Boy Child (This Is Tom Jones, 1970)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
23.  Not Responsible
24.  Patches
25.  Tutti Frutti
26.  When You Gotta Go

27.  It's Not Unusual (Ed Sullivan Show, 1960's)

1.  It's Not Unusual
 (Beat, Beat, Beat, 1968)
2.  Delilah (This Is Tom Jones, 1970's)
3.  Doctor Love (Cravate Noire, 1966)

This Is Tom Jones (1970's)
4.  Hard To Handle
5.  I Who Have Nothing

This Is Tom Jones (1980's)
6.  Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
7.  Bridge Over Trouble Water
8.  Do You Think I'm Sexy?
9.  Don't Be Cruel
10.  For Once In My Live

11.  Get Down (Grand Gala Du Disque, 1974)
12.  Green, Green Grass Of Home (Beat, Beat, Beat, 1968)
13.  What's New Pussycat? (Tom Jones Special, 1980's)
14.  I Believe (ITV, 1965)

Tom Jones Show (1980's)
15.  Higher And Higher
16.  I Write The Songs
17.  All By Myself
18.  Behind Closed Doors
19.  Daughter Of Darkness
20.  Help Me Make It Through The Night
21.  Till

Tarbuck Show (1988)
22.  Delilah
23.  Help Yourself

24.  I Can't Stop Loving You (Tom Jones, Hilton Special, 1965)
25.  I'll Never Fall In Love Again (BBC In Concert, 1971)

This Is Tom Jones (1971)
26.  I'm Coming Home
27.  She's A Lady

1.  Green, Green Grass Of Home
 (TV Studio, 1970's)

This Is Tom Jones (1970's)
2.  It's Not Unusual
3.  I Believe
4.  I've Been Loving You Too Long
5.  Nothing Rhymed
6.  Respect

Tom Jones Show (1980's)
7.  Danny Boy
8.  Delilah
9.  Pretty Woman
10.  Proud Mary

11.  Sex Bomb (Video Clip, 2000)
12.  It's Not Unusual (Tom Jones Special, 1980's)
13.  Shake (Beat, Beat, Beat, 1968)

Tom Jones Show (1980's)
14.  Hound Dog
15.  Release Me
16.  Romance Of Love
17.  Send In The Clowns
18.  She's A Lady
19.  Georgia On My Mind
20.  In The Midnight Hour
21.  Love Me Tonight
22.  Nine To Five
23.  On Broadway

24.  I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Tarbuck Show, 1988)
25.  Memphis, Tennessee (Italian TV, 1960's)
26.  It's Not Unusual (Top Of The Pops, 1987)
27.  Not Responsible (Thank Your Lucky Stars, 1960's)
28.  Run, Rudolph, Run (TV Studio, 2001)
29.  What's New Pussycat? (Tom Jones, Hilton Special, 1965)

1.  It's Not Unusual
 (TV Studio, 1972)
2.  It's Not Unusual (TV Studio, 1960's)
3.  What's New Pussycat? (TV Studio, 1970's)
4.  Delilah (Top Of The Pops, 1969)
5.  She's A Lady (Top Of The Pops, 1971)

This Is Tom Jones (1970's)
6.  Treat Her Right
7.  We Can Work It Out
8.  I'll Never Fall In Love Again
9.  Soul Man
10.  Try A Little Tenderness
11.  War

12.  Show Me (Dusty, 1967)

Tom Jones Show (1980's)
13.  The Long And Winding Road
14.  The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
15.  You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
16.  Thunderball

17.  What I'd Say? (The Beat Room, 1964)
18.  Sky Boat Song (ITV, 1965)

Tom Jones Show (1980's)
19.  Take It To The Limit
20.  I Can't Stop Loving You
21.  Ladies Night
22.  We Don't Talk Anymore
23.  Without Love There Is Nothing

24.  Once There Was A Time (Italian TV, 1966)
25.  Exactly Like You (Morcambe And Wise Show, 1971)
26.  It's Not Unusual (Tom Jones Hilton Special, 1965)
27.  Till / Proud Mary (BBC In Concert, 1971)

1.  Hey Jude 
(with Wilson Pickett, Tom Jones Show, 1970's)
2.  Sunny (with Ella Fitzgerald, This Is Tom Jones, 1960's)
3.  Baby, Baby, Baby (with Dusty Springfield, Dusty, 1967)

Tom Jones Show (1980's)
4.  We Can Work It Out (with Chaka Khan)
5.  Our Day Will Come (with Cypil Sheppard)
6.  The Girl From New York City (with Donny Osmond)
7.  Upside Down (with Dusty Springfield)
8.  Guilty (with Gladys Knight)
9.  Don't Let Go (with Isaac Hayes)
10.  I Get A Kick Out Of You (with Juliet Prowse)
11.  You're So Shy (with Marisa Berenson)
12.  Something About You Baby I Like (with Rita Coolidge)
14.  I'm Leaving It Up To You (with Tanya Tucker)
15.  I Love The Nite Life (with Lola Falana)
16.  Too Much Too Little Too Late (with Deniece Williams)
17.  Endless Love (with Dionne Warwick)
18.  Nights On Broadway (with Paul Anka)
19.  Takin' It To The Streets (with Teddy Pendergrass)

Tom Jones Show (1970's)
20.  I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
 (with Dusty Springfield)
21.  Sweet Sweetheart (with Dusty Springfield)
22.  Medley (with Dusty Springfield and Paul Anka)

23.  Medley (with Petula Clark, This Is Tom Jones, 1971)

DISC EIGHT - More Duets
1.  Medley (with Johnny Cash, This Is Tom Jones, 1969)

This Is Tom Jones (1970)
2.  See Saw
 (with Aretha Franklin)
3.  Spirit In The Dark (with Aretha Franklin)
4.  The Partie's Over (with Aretha Franklin)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
5.  Blues Part 2
 (with Blood, Sweat & Tears)
6.  Raise Your Hand (with Janis Joplin)
7.  Medley (with Jerry Lee Lewis)
8.  Delta Lady (with Joe Cocker)

9.  Medley (with Little Richard, This Is Tom Jones, 1970)

This Is Tom Jones (1969)
10.  A Place In The Sun / Uptight (with Stevie Wonder)
11.  Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home (with Tony Bennett)
12.  Medley (with Bobby Darin)
13.  Medley (with Diahann Carroll)
14.  Funny How Time Slips Away (with Jerry Lee Lewis)
15.  I Walk The Line (with Johnny Cash and June Carter)
16.  Somewhere (with Lesley Uggams)
17.  We Can Work It Out (with Lesley Uggams)

18.  For Once In My Life (with Tony Bennett and Vicki Carr, This Is Tom Jones, 1970)
19.  Hot Love (with Shakespear's Sister, Tom Jones Show, 1990's)

Tom Jones Show (1980's)
20.  Little Queenie (with Brooke Shields)
21.  Whenver I Call You Friend (with Lynn Anderson)
22.  The Way You Do The Things You Do (with Marie Osmond)
23.  Again (with Sandra Lock)
24.  Somethings Burning (with Susan Anton)
25.  Hot Legs (with Tina Turner)

Audio & Video Quality:  The majority of this title varies in quality from good to very good audio and video quality, ranging from 8.0-8.5 using our website Quality Rating Table.  A few clips are in fair quality about a 7.5 rating.

Total Running Time:  603 minutes.

Disc Format:  8 PAL DVD-R discs.