Beatles - Washington, D.C. 1964 Concert in COLOR! (1 NTSC DVD-R disc)


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WOW!  For the first time ever, the complete 1964 Washington concert in full color.  NOTE: They have a done a decent job on this title in colorization. However, please do not expect full natural color spectrum like today's modern movies.  All in all, very enjoyable!

Washington, D.C. Coliseum, February 11, 1964
1.  Introduction & Tuning
2.  Roll Over Beethoven
3.  From Me To You
4.  I Saw Her Standing There
5.  This Boy
6.  All My Loving
7.  I Wanna Be Your Man
8.  Please, Please Me
9.  Till There Was You
10.  She Loves You
11.  I Want To Hold Your Hand
12.  Twist And Shout
13.  Long Tall Sally

First U.S. Visit Documentary, February, 1964
1.  Arrival At JFK Airport
2.  Watching TV In The Hotel Room
3.  Central Park Photo Session
4.  U.S. Beatlemania
5.  Moving To Washington By Train
6.  Getting Home
NOTE:  The colorization of the bonus documentary is not as good as the Washington concert. It seems that very fast movement and colorization do not go well together.  With concert footage, the band is pretty much staying in the same place, so the colorization works better.

Audio & Video Quality:  Good audio and video quality,about an 8.0 using our website Quality Rating Table.  Please remember that the original source material was only in 16mm and not that terrific in quality.  As stated above, a decent job has been done in colorization of black and white footage, but is not a full complete natural look that we expect from movies actually filmed in color

Total Running Time: 141 minutes. Washington concert is 38 minutes long and documentary is 103 minutes long.

Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD-R disc.