Eric Carmen - Television Rarities (1 PAL DVD-R disc)


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Eric Carmen - Television Rarities

1.  All By Myself / Let's Rock And Roll (The Midnight Special)
2.  All By Myself / Interview / Never Going To Fall In Love Again (American Bandstand)
3.  Boats Against The Current (The Midnight Special)
4.  All By Myself (Intro by Clive Davis) / Boats Against The Current (Merv Griffin Show)
5.  Hungry Eyes (BBC Top Of The Pops, January-29, 1988)
6.  Marathon Man / She Did It (The Midnight Special)
7.  Hungry Eyes (Clip From American Bandstand)
8.  All By Myself (Live March-17-1990)
9.  I Want To Hear It From Your Lips (Promotional Video)
10.  I'm Through With Love (Promotional Video)

Audio & Video Quality: Quality is fair / acceptable, about 7.5 rating using our website Quality Rating Table. This title's quality is below our normal standards, but is included due to the rarity of any material available by Eric Carmen.

Total Running Time: 60 minutes.

Disc Format: 1 PAL DVD-R disc.

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