Glam And Glitter - Volume 4 (1 PAL DVD-R disc)


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Includes the following performances:

Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize (Disco)
T. Rex - Hot Love (Top Of The Pops)
Gary Glitter - I Love You Love Me Love (Top Of The Pops)
The Sweet - Blockbuster (Disco)
Slade - My Friend Stan (Disco)
Suzi Quatro - Tear Me APart (Musikladen)
The Sweet - Hell Raiser (Promo)
T. Rex - Bang A Gong (Top Of The Pops)
Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels (Old Grey Whistle Test)
Slade - Budbye to Jane (Promo Film)
Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll Part 2 (Top Of The Pops)
T. Rex - Ride A White Swan (Beat Club)
Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone (Top Of The Pops)
Mud - The Cat Crept In (Disco)
David Essex - Gonna Make You A Star (Top Of The Pops)
New York Dolls - Personality Crisis (Midnight Special)
T. Rex - Life's a Gas (Beat Clubb)
Roxy Music - Do The Strand (Old Grey Whistle Test)
Slade - Far Far Away (Disco)
Alice Cooper - Public Animall #9 (Beat Club)
Gary Glitter - Oh Yes You're Beautiful (Top Of The Pops)
Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (Top Of The Pops)
The Rubettes - Tonight (Disco)
The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz (Disco)
Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize (Top Of The Pops)

Video Quality: Quality does vary somewhat from clip to clip, but is generally good to very good quality, rating of 8.0-8.5, using our website Quality Rating Table.

Running Time:  87 minutes.

Disc Format: 1 PAL DVD-R disc.