Bonzo Dog (Doo Dah) Band - Video-Ology (2 NTSC DVD-Rs)


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Disc 1
Dog Intro
Death Cab For Cutie (Magical Mystery Tour)
Titles (We Are normal/Pathe)
Hello From Vivian (Colour Me Pop Soundtrack)
Canyons Of Your Mind (Colour Me Pop)
Urban spaceman (Colour Me Pop)
Head Ballet (Pathe Newsreel)
Equestrian Statue (Pathe Newsreel)
Love Is A Cylindrical Piano (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Metaphorically Speaking (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
11 Moustachioed Daughters (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Monster Mash (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
The Sound Of Music (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Hunting Tigers OUt In Indiah (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Big Shot (Jazz Biltzen)
You Done My Brain In (Jazz Biltzen)
Hello Mabel (Jazz Biltzen)
I'm The Urban Spaceman (Jazz Biltzen)
Quiet Talks And Summer Walks (Jazz Biltzen)
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (Jazz Biltzen)
Canyons Of Your Mind (Jazz Biltzen)
Trouser Press (Jazz Biltzen)
By A Waterfall (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Urban Spaceman (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Tubas In The Moonlight (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Look Out, There's A Monster Coming (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Canyons Of Your Mind (Beat Club)
We Were Wrong (Montage: Urban Spaceman Promo Film)
Cool Brittanica (Montage: Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Beautiful Zelda (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Jollity Farm (Animated Cartoon)
Equestrian Statue (Beat Club)
Intro/Little Sir Echo (Beat Club)
Urban Spaceman (Beat Club)
Announcer Introducing Urban Spaceman Promo
A Room WIth A View (Montage: The Big Show)
Son Of Explording Sausage (Clip)
Intro/The End Of The Show (New Faces)
Equestrian Statue (New Faces)
Little Sir Echo (New Faces)
Pathe Montage: The Bridge Stripped Bare By Bachelors
Pathe Montage: My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe
Vivian: The Sea
Mr. Apollo (Colour Me Pop)
Hello Mabel (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Do Not Adjust Your Set Sketch Montage
Do Not Adjust Your Set Montage: Ready Mades
Up Sunday With Vivian Stanshall: A Garret In The Palace / The Pied Pier
Jazz Biltzen Interview With Neil Innes

Disc 2
Commercials By Vivian Stanshall
Death Cab For Cutie (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
The Intro And The Outro (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
The Equestrian Statue (Do Not Adjust Your Set)
Urban Spaceman (RWT)
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (Full House)
Humanoid Boogie (IBOR Re-Edit)
Urban Spaceman (IBOR)
Quiet Talks And Summer Walks (IBOR Re-Edit)
Babe Tunde (One Man's Week)
Montage: Suspicion (One Man's Week)
Ginger Geezer Excerpt (Crank)
Rawlinson End FIlm Excerpts And Montage
Montage: Wheelbarrow/Nice And Tidy
Rawlinson Clip
Montage: Imagination (Share)
Stinkfoot Montage
What My Public Wants (Andy Black And Company)
Landin' On My Feet Feet (Steve Howe)
Parakeet To Meet You (Cinty Stratton)
Made Of Stone (Nikki Lamborn)
No Time Like The Future (Middletons Changeling)
Armchair Excerpt (Crank)
Montage: The Cracks Are Showing (BSS)
I'd Rather Cut My Hands (Crank)
The End / Fishing (One Man's Week)
Vivian Stanshall's Crank: Intro By John Peel
Ginger Geezer
Spreading His Light
I'd Rather Cut My Hands
One Man's Week With Vivian Stanshall
Bristol Showboat Sage Clips With Vivian Stanshall
Eric Idle Sings Captain Fantastic
Friday Night, Saturday Morning WIth Vivian Stanshall
Full House with Joe Melia and Roger Ruskin Spear
The Equestrian Statue: Two Uncut Full Color Takes From The Pathe Newsreel Archives
Runaround With Roger Ruskin Spear
Vivian: Do You Remember The First Time? (Pulp Hits)
Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Clip)
The Equestrian Statue (New Faces Fullscreen)

Quality: Quality ranges from good to excellent, ranging from 8.25-9.0 using our Quality Rating Table. Most clips are very good or better.
Running Time: 268 minutes.
Format: 2 NTSC DVD-R discs.
Price: $29.00