Various Artists - C'mon (1967) & New Zealand Pop Music (1967-1970) (PAL DVD-R)


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C'Mon 1967 - First Episode
NZ TV show.  Feb-67.  Hosted by Peter Sinclair.  Songs include:
The Gremlins - Blast Off
Bobby Davis - I Cant Hear The Grass Grow / Shotgun
Mr. Lee Grant (New Zealand's Mr. Mod) - Get Me To The World On Time / After The Ball
Bronwyn Neil - I Got What You Need / Don't Go Home
Herma Keil - Girl Watchers
Bob Paris - Walking The Sunshine
Herma Keil and Billy Karaitiana - I Take What I Want

C'mon 1967 - Last Episode
NZ TV show.  Aug-67.  Hosted by Peter Sinclair.  The final episode of 1967.  Wow... this is a psychedelic show!  Songs include:
Ray Woolf - Hello Josephine / Witch Doctor / Too Many Fish In The Sea
Sandy Edmonds - Daylight Savings Time / Soul Time
Herma Keil - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead / If You Got A Secret
Mr. Lee Grant - Thanks To You / Spinning Like A Top
The Chicks - You Won't Forget Me / Western Union / Puppet Of A String
Tommy Adderley - With A Little Help From My Friends / Matthew And Son
Bobby Davis - Show Me / Standing In The Shadows Of Love / Aunty Maggie's Remedy.
Cast: Georgy Girl / Shake A Trail Feather.

Plus this bonus selection...
New Zealand Pop 1967-1970
NZ. From various New Zealand TV shows.  
The Revving Tongues - Rain and Tears
Dedikation - Wait For Me Mary Anne
Shane - St. Paul
The Avengers - Everyone's Gonna Wonder / Love Hate Revenge
The Chapta - Say A Prayer
Kal-2-Lated Risk - Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
Hamilton Count Bluegrass - Barefoot Nellie
The Chicks - Miss You Baby
Jay Epae and Maria Dallas - Tumblin' Down
Dinah Lee - Don't You Know Yokomo
Sandy Edmonds - Daylight Savings Time
Ray Columbus - She's A Mod / People Are People
La-De-Das - Rosalie
Larry's Rebeles - Let's Think Of Something
Timberjack - Come To The Sabbitt
Craig Scott - Smily
Nash Chase - Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know

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Running Time: 91 minutes.
Format: 1 PAL DVD-R disc.
Price: $22.00