Glenn Frey / Christopher Cross / Don Henley- Tokyo, Japan (Aug-2-1986) (NTSC DVD-R)


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Live at the Open Theater East, Tokyo, Japan 8/2/1986

Christopher Cross
Love Is Love
Every Turn Of The World
Think Of Laura
Arthur's Theme
Ride Like The Wind

Glenn Frey
Found Somebody
Sexy Girl
Take It To The Limit
You Belong To The City
The Allnighters
The Heat Is On
Party Town
Heartache Tonight
Slow Down

No track listings available for Don Henley 70 minutes performance.

Quality: Quality is good to very good, about an 8.0-8.25 using our website Quality Rating Table.
Running Time: 140 minutes.
Format: 1 NTSC DVD-R disc.
Price: $22.00