Bad Company - Hard Rock Café (1999) Extended Version (3 NTSC DVD-R's)


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Disc 1
Pat Travers - Out Go The Lights
Rick Derringer - Rock-N-Roll Hoochie Coo
Rick Derringer - Hang On Sloopy
Edgar Winter - Free Ride
Edgar Winter - New Millenium
Edgar Winter - Frankenstein
Edgar Winter Interview
Edgar Winter - Feel Like Making Love (Original Video)

Disc 2 - Bad Company
Can't Get ENough
Honey Child
Rock Steady
Ready For Love
Tracking Down A Runaway
Shooting Star
Soul Of Love
Movin' On
Hammer Of Love

Disc 3 - Bad Company
Hey Hey
Feel Like Makin' Love
Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy (with Gary Rossington)
Run With The Pack
Bad Company
Live For The Music
Backstage Interview

Quality: Good to very good quality, about 8.0-8.25 using our website Quality Rating Table.
Running Time: 163 minutes.
Format: 3 NTSC DVD-R discs.