Beatles - Let It Be (Deluxe Widescreen Stereo Edition) (NTSC Blu-Ray)


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Let It Be is a filmed documentary of the Beatles rehearsing and recording their new album in 1969.  The film culminated with a concert by the group set on the rooftop on their own Apple office building in London's west end.  Paul McCartney's concept for the album and film was that it wasn't going to have studio trickery like overdubs and effects.  It was "back to the roots" with the Beatles performing the songs in a natural way.  The film and it's accompanying soundtrack was delayed while the Beatles recorded and released their final album "Abbey Road".  It was eventually released in 1970 and received an Academy Award for it's title song.

For the Beatles completist and serious fans, the biggest frustration has been in not finding the "Beatles - Let It Be" in a complete, uncropped, great quality version. The reason for this is quite interesting. The original film was shot in 16mm (standard TV 4x3 format).  However, when the film was released, they cropped the 16mm print by chopping off parts of the top and bottom and blew it up to 35mm widescreen. I myself wondered in the 70's why the picture quality was so mediocre right in the movie theatre!  Now we all know why.  So even in the theatre, one did NOT get to see the full picture that was filmed.

Then to add insult to injury, when Let It Be was released in the 1980's on Beta and VHS videotape and on Laserdisc (all in standard TV 4x3 format), the manufacturers did NOT go back to the original 16mm film that was shot in the same format. INSTEAD, they sourced it from the 35mm widescreen theatre print and CHOPPED it AGAIN!, this time from the sides. So anyone purchasing previous Beta, VHS and Laserdisc versions of Let It Be, now got to see even LESS!, since it has now been chopped on all 4 sides.

This recent WIDESCREEN, STEREO import Blu-Ray release rectifies a lot of the problems.  For anyone that saw the film in the theatres in the 70's, it is great now to be able to see the original theatrical release, in stereo AND in much improved quality, including clearer picture and more natural colours, the absolute best version you can find of this release.

Quality:  Very good quality, approximately an 8.5 (using our quality rating table located on our website).  Audio quality is very good to excellent and now mainly in STEREO!

Running Length: 80 minutes