British Invasion Rarities - Volume 1-7 (1961-1967) (7 NTSC DVD set)


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British Invasion Rarities Series: This stunning series is NOT your regular collection of 60's performances that you have seen before.  They are ALL English speaking 60's British Invasion artists performing on RARE French TV shows in the 1960's. Every volume is super highly recommended.

Volume 1 - 1961-1965 

Georgie Fame
In The Meantime (Tete De Bois Et Tendres Années July-10-1965) **
Monkeying Around (Douches Ecossaise Dec-20-1965) 
Sweet Thing
Instrumental (Made In England March-18-1965) * 

Manfred Mann
Watermelon Man (Age Tendre Et Tetes De Bois March-31-1965)

The Animals
See See Rider (Vient De Paraitre Dec-5-1965)
The Fourmost
Hello Little Girl (Age Tendre Et Tetes De Bois Oct-23-1963)

The Honeycombs
Colour Slide (Discorama Jan-3-1965)

The Kinks
Come On Now (Quoi De Neuf)
Milk Cow Blues (Music-Hall De France Dec-18-1965) *
Tired Of Waiting (Quoi De Neuf)

The Moody Blues
Go Now
Bye, Bye Bird (Tete De Bois A Cannes 1965) *

The Rolling Stones
It’s All Over Now (Quoi De Neuf Nov-5-1964)

The Searchers
Someday We’re Gonna Love Again (Vient De Paraitre March-9-1965)
Sugar & Spice (La Grande Farandole April-11-1964)

The Shadows
Apache (Toute La Chansons Nov-6-61)

The Who
Can’t Explain (Vient De Paraitre June-3-1965)
Candid Footage (Made In England March-18-1965)

The Yardbirds
For Your Love (Discorama June-20-1965)

* Live performance, not lip synch.
** Live vocals over recorded backing.

Volume 2 - 1966 

Alan Price
For Once In My Life (Tilt Magazine Oct-5-1966)
Hi Lilli Hi Lo (A Tous Vents Oct-9-1966)
Hi Lilli Hi Lo (Vient De Paraitre Oct-16-1966)
I Put A Spell On You (Tilt Magazine Oct-5-1966)

Dave Berry
This Strange Effect (Douche Ecossaise April-4-1966)
This Strange Effect (Vient De Paraitre March-17-1966)

Sunshine Superman
Sand And Foam
Catch The Wind Mellow Yellow (Music-Hall De France Dec-17-1966) *

Ian Whitcomb
Nervous (Douches Ecossaise April-4-1966)
You Turn Me On (Paris Carrefour Du Monde April-17-1966)

Manfred Mann
Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James (Reveillon Sur Les Deux Chaines Dec-31-1966)

Screaming Lord Sutch
Honey Hush (Vient De Paraitre April-28-1966)

The Cryan Shames
Please Stay (Vient De Paraitre June-4-1966)

The Fortunes
Here It Comes Again (Douches Ecossaise May-16-1966)

The Moody Blues
Bye, Bye Bird (Douches Ecossaise March-7-1966)
Go Now (Music-Hall De France Feb-18-1966) *
I’ll Go Crazy (Cravat Noire May-3-1966) * 

The Rolling Stones
Have You Seen Your Mother (Tilt Magazine Nov-9-1966)

The VIPs
My Babe (A Tous Vents Dec-4-1966)

The Walker Brothers
My Ship Is Coming In (Vient De Paraitre Feb-1-1966) 

The Yardbirds
I’m A Man (Douches Ecossaise March-7-1966)
Shapes Of Things (Midi Variete April-16-1966) 

* Live performance, not lip synch. 

Volume 3 - 1967 (Part One) 
Cat Stevens
I Love My Dog
Matthew & Son (Music-Hall De France April-14-1967) ** 
I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun (Dim Dam Dom May-14-1967) 

Chris Farlowe
Moanin’ (Qui Marions Oct-21-1967)

Dave Berry
Little Things (A Tous Vents Jan-15-1967)
Walk Walk Talk Talk (Au Risque De Vous March-18-1967)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich
He’s A Raver (Rendez-Vous Sur Le Rhine Aug-19-1967)
Save Me (A Tous Vents Feb-19-1967)

Denny Laine
Say You Don’t Mind (Bouton Rouge May-21-1967)

Georgie Fame
Knock On Wood (Music-Hall De France April-14-1967)

Herman’s Hermits
There’s A Kind Of Hush (Discorama April-2-1967)

Manfred Mann
Ha, Ha, Said The Clown
So Long Dad (Dim Dam Dom Sept-10-1967)

Paul Jones
I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Boy (Music-Hall De France Aug-13-1967)

The Animals
See See Rider (Discorama Jan-8-1967)

The Bee Gees
Sir Geoffrey Save The World (Dim Dam Dom Dec-10-1967)

The Hollies
On A Carousel (A Tous Vents Jan-22-1967)

The Moody Blues
Fly Me High (Tete De Bois Et Tendres Années May-10-1967)
Nights In White Satin (Bouton Rouge Dec-9-1967)

The Spencer Davis Group
Mr. 2nd Class (Tete De Bois Et Tendres Années Feb-10-1967)

The Who
In The Studio (Bouton Rouge May-21-1967)

* Live performance, not lip synch. ** Live vocals over recorded backing.

Volume 4 - 1967 (Part 2)
Cat Stevens
Matthew & Son (Dim Dam Dom May-14-1967)

Dave Berry
Mama (A Tous Vents Jan-15-1967)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich
Hold Tight
Land Of 1,000 Dances (Bouton Rouge June-18-1967) *
Bend It (A Tous Vents Feb-19-1967)
Touch Me, Touch Me (Rendez-Vous Sur Le Rhine Aug-19-1967)

Herman’s Hermits
No Milk Today (Tilt Magazine Feb-22-1967)

Manfred Mann
Ha, Ha, Said The Clown (Bouton Rouge May-21-1967)
Ha, Ha, Said The Clown (La Grande Farandole April-17-1967)

Paul Jones
I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Boy (Discorama June-25-1967)

The Bee Gees
Massachusetts (Tilt Magazine Nov-29-1967)
Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (Discorama Dec-24-1967)
Sir Geoffrey Saved The World
Massachusetts (Le Nouveau Dimanche Nov-26-1967)

The Hollies
Have You Ever Loved Somebody? (A Tous Vents Jan-22-1967)

The Rolling Stones
In The Studio (Tilt Magazine March-22-1967)

The Spencer Davis Group
I’m A Man
Every Little Thing (Music-Hall De France Aug-13-1967)

The Thoughts
All Night Stand (A Tous Vents March-5-1967)

The Walker Brothers
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

The Zombies
This Old Heart Of Mine (Dents De Lait Dents De Loup Jan-11-1967) *

* Live performance, not lip synch.

Volume 5 - 1968-1969 

Cat Stevens
First Cut Is The Deepest (Bouton Rouge Jan-6-1968) * 

Chris Farlowe
Paint It Black (Dim Dam Dom March-10-1968)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich
Hold Tight
Save Me (Premier Festival International De Pop Music Jan-11-1969) * 
The Wreck Of The Antoinete (Tous En Scene June-27-1969) *
Last Night In Soho (Samedi Et Compangnie Oct-5-1968)

Isle Of Islay (Allegro June-4-1968)
Jennifer Juniper (Tilt Magazine Jan-23-1968)

Georgie Fame
Bonnie & Clyde (Discorama Jan-28-1968)

John Walker
Do You Wanna Dance? (Premier Festival International De Pop Music Jan-11-1969) *

Peter & Gordon
Greener Days (Le Petit Dimanche Illustré Jan-14-1968)

Robin Gibb
Save By The Bell
One Million Years (Renez-Vous In Barcelona)

The Bee Gees
Don’t Forget To Remember (Samedi Et Compagnie Dec-6-1969)
Holiday (Tilt Magazine July-1-1968)
Massachusetts (Discorama March-10-1968)

The Hollies
Jennifer Eckkles
Listen To Me (La Nouvelle Vague De La Pop Music Dec-10-1968)

The Moody Blues
Nights In White Satin (Dim Dam Dom March-10-1968)

* Live performance, not lip synch.

Volume 6 - 1965 - 1966 

Alan Price
I Put A Spell On You
Hi Lilli Hi Lo (Music-Hall De France Oct-22-1966)

Dave Berry
Memphis (Music-Hall De France March-31-1966)

Georgie Fame
Do Re Mi (Music-Hall De France Dec-18-1965)

Ian Whitcomb
You Turn Me On
Good Hard Rock (Music-Hall De France March-19-1966)

SPECIAL SHOW “LIVE FROM THE CAVERN CLUB (Performing on Age Tendre Et Tetes De Bois March-31-1965)

Gene Vincent
What’D I Say
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

Sandie Shaw
Girl Don’t Come

Manfred Mann
Watermelon Man
Do Wah Diddy

Petula Clark
Viens Avec Moi

Gerry & The Pacemakers
Ferry Cross The Mersey 

Screaming Lord Sutch
Roll Over Beethoven Medley (Music-Hall De France July-22-1966)

The Cryan’ Shames
Please Stay (Music-Hall De France April-12-1966)

The Fortunes
You‘ve Got Your Troubles
Come On Over To My Place (Music-Hall De France April-9-1966)

The Spencer Davis Group
Keep On Running
Somebody Help Me (Music-Hall De France June-7-1966)

The Who
Barbara Ann
My Generation (Music-Hall De France April-9-1966)

The Yardbirds
Train Kept A-Rollin’ (Music-Hall De France July-2-1966)


Volume 7 - 1966 - 1967 

Alan Price Set (Reveillon Sur Les Deux Channes Dec-31-1966)
I Can’t Turn You Loose
Have Mercy
Land Of 1,000 Dances 

Dave Berry (Music-Hall De France Feb-12-1966)
Little Things
This Strange Effect
High Heel Sneakers 

Donovan (Bouton Rouge May-21-1967)
Sweet Beverly
Hey Gyp
The Tinker And The Crab
Season Of The Witch 

Screaming Lord Sutch (Music-Hall De France July-2-1966)
Great Balls Of Fire 

The Cryan' Shames (Music-Hall De France, April-12-1966)

Spencer Davis Group
(Music-Hall De France, Dec-17-1966)
Mean Woman Blues
Together Till The End Of Time 

(Music-Hall De France, May-13-1966)
My Babe
Mean Woman Blues 

The Who (Music-Hall De France April-22-1966)
A Man With Money
Dancing In The Street 

The Yardbirds (Music-Hall De France July-2-1966)
Shapes Of Things
Over Under Sideways Down 


Video Quality: Quality ranges from good to excellent, most are very good to excellent quality.  No logos or annoying running time counter codes. 
Running Length: 484 minutes
Disc Format: 7 NTSC DVDs