Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray Recorder Deck (DMR-BWT700)


List price: $2,649.99  

Price: $795.00

You save: $1,854.99 (70%)

Only $795.00! Reduced from $1195.00! Get them while they last AND they won't last long at this price!

Only 3 machines left!

Click HERE to see to Youtube.com video on this model

Imagine! A Blu-Ray recorder that also plays back in 3D! You can record your home movies onto Blu-Ray disc (in standard 2D) and then upconvert them from 2D to 3D for playback. This unit even comes with a level control to adjust the 3D effect. Imagine watching your old home movies in 3D! Of course, you need a 3D TV as well to do this. We are selling the 3D model for just $795.00, reduced from $1195.00. No one else that we are aware of even has this available in Canada or the U.S. The closest competitor to this machine is a JVC Blu-Ray recorder selling for $2400.00 in the U.S. AND does not have 3D playback capability.

These are imported from England and cannot be purchased at retail stores in Canada or the United States.

As 99% of our retail business has so far been to outside of Canada, so far we have NOT been legally obligated to collect any HST / Provincial Sales Taxes as our total Canadian business volume so far has been less than $30,000 annually. We anticipate that in 2015 that we WILL have to charge the 13% in sales taxes (HST). So NOW is your last chance to get these units tax-free for the balance of 2014!

It cannot be over-emphasized how rare these units are. Go into any video store and ask for one, they will tell you one of the following:

1) We can sell you a Blu-Ray computer burner (not the same as a deck).

2) Blu-Ray recorders do not exist or

3) Blu-Ray recorders are not available yet.

Some quick points and features:
1) These units burn new titles region free.

2) The manual states that it is British region for pre-recorded Blu-Ray discs and pre-recorded DVDs. We have tested the machines and found that in many cases they WILL play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs from around the world, regardless of region. However, OFFICIALLY they are British Region only and we cannot guarantee playability of all North American official discs. These machine play all Region Free DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

3) Why buy these machines? Primarily to get the very best Standard Definition picture quality on DVDs and in specific circumstances be able to record in High Definition quality on Blu-Ray discs. AND retain original widescreen format when recording!  To the best of our knowledge, all other DVD recorders lose the widescreen format, by letteboxing it (black bars around all 4 sides of the picture).  This is a BIG PLUS for those that want to archive their PVR material and other stuff onto DVD discs and Blu-Ray discs.

4) Records and plays back in HD. Will convert HD files (Camcorder or other file sources) via USB and SD card in full HD 1080p to either PAL and NTSC broadcast formats.  Note: As per North American copyright laws, cannot record in HD from copyrighted sources which include the HDCP copyguard protocol.

5) Recording input and playback output can be switched back and forth between PAL and NTSC broadcast format at any time.

6) If you want, you can record first onto internal 320 gb hard drive, edit and then create custom Blu-Ray discs with menus OR record directly onto a blank Blu-Ray disc, now available almost everywhere.

7) Operates on 220 volts. However, 110V-220V step up transformers are available at most electronic supply stores for about $40.00.  EXCITING NEWS! We now include the 220 volt power supply at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Save time and hassle in finding one yourself.

Click here to open up a Adobe PDF document that lists all of the specifications

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