Woodstock Outtakes (2 NTSC DVD-R discs)


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Disc One

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Born On The Bayou
Bad Moon A Rising
I Put A Spell On You
Keep On Chooglin

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Mr. Soul

Southbound Train

Johnny Winter
Mean Town Blues

Janis Joplin
Work Me Lord

Jefferson Airplane
White Rabbit
Somebody To Love
Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon
Uncle Sam Blues

Blood, Sweat & Tears
More And More
Something Comin' On /er Know
Spinning Wheel
More Than You'll Ever Know

Country Joe
Rockin' Around The World
Flying High
Seen A Rocket

Paul Butterfield
Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Disc Two

Richie Havens
High Flyin' Bird
I Can't Make It Anymore
With A Little Help From My Friends
Strawberry Fields Forever / Hey Jude
High Flyin' Bird (excerpt)
Handsome Johnny

Swami Satchidananda
Speech and chanting

My Crystal Spider
Medley - Why Oh Why / Let The Sunshine In / Oh Happy Day
For Pete's Sake (B&W)
What's Wrong (B&W)

Incredible String Band
The Letter
When You Find Out Who You Are
This Moment Is Different

Grateful Dead
Mama Tried
High Time
St. Stephen
If I Could Be The Rain
Jerry Garcia & Rosalie Sorrels Backstage
Lovelight (excerpt over backstage footage)
Red Shoes
Turn On Your Lovelight
Light Show Problems Announcement (B&W)
St. Stephen (B&W)
Mama Tried (B&W)
Conversation (B&W)
Dark Star (B&W)
(Turn On Your) Lovelight

Video Quality: Disc 1 is generally acceptable to reasonably good, disc 2 quality is generally substandard and included for serious fans only.  Therefore we offer this 2 disc set for the 1 disc price.
Disc Format: 2 NTSC DVDs