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White Zombie - Thrilling Chilling World Of White Zombie (NTSC DVD)


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A very rare, very cool collection of live performances, videos and interviews.

Thunder Kiss '65 (live on MTV Haunted House Party, Oct. 31, 1993)
Black Sunshine (live on Jon Stewart show)
Welcome To Planet Motherfucker (video)
More Human Than Human (live on David Letterman, July 14, 1995)
Feed The Gods (video)
Electric Head - Part 2 (video)
Super-Charger Heaven (live on David Letterman, December 15, 1995)
Black Sunshine (video)
Thunder Kiss '65 (video)
More Human Than Human (live on MTV Music Awards, September 7, 1995)
More Human Than Human (video)
Super-Charger Heaven (video)
Interview - A Day In The Life Of White Zombie

Video Quality: Reasonably good
Running Length: 66 minutes
Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD


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