1960's Teen Dance Shows - Volume 1 (NTSC DVD)


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1960's Teen Dance Shows - Volume 1 takes us back to a simpler time of great early rock and roll TV.

The Jack Spector Show (1961):
U.S. TV show, New York City's WMCA "Good Guy" Jack Spector hosts his own American Bandstand-like teenage music TV show on WPRO-TV in Providence, Rhode Island.  Jack's awesome music guests include:
Link Wray
The Metros
(male vocal group a.k.a. The Crystals, not to be confused with the girl group of the same name)
Lovelace Watkins
Bob Crewe
Myrna March.

The Dave Sennett Dance Party (1962):
U.S. TV show, cool nostalgia rock 'n' roll TV.  WPRO-TV Channel 12, Rhode Island, teenage rock 'n' roll and dance TV show.  The kids dance to rock 'n' roll hits of the day (including Ricky Nelson on record) and in-studio performers including:
Carlos Gerace (records for Philadelphia's record label Chancellor)
Larry Verne lip syncs to his hit "Mr. Custer".
Very cool local dance TV show!

Art Laboe Teen Dance Show (1958)
Movie Promo Trailer:  “Don’t Knock The Rock”
Commercial:  The now infamous Flintstones Winston Cigarettes
Commercials:  “Canada Dry Ginger Ale” and “Handi-Wrap”
Movie Theatre Intermission Reels

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Running Time:  120 minutes.
DVD Type / Format:  1 NTSC disc.