Adam Ant - Love Bites (NTSC DVD-R disc)


Price: $22.00

Rare movie starring Adam Ant.

Having overslept by an entire century, vampire Zachary Simms (Adam Ant) is awakened by a lighning strike in 1993 to discover that his home is now occupied by the attractive young Kendall Gordon (Kimberly Foster). Zachary is a charming bloodsucker who wins Kendall over with the tale of his broken heart and the challenge of remaking him into the perfect man. “Rehumanizing” is possible with a reviving of his digestion. So while Zachary acclimates to automobiles, divorce and a nightshift job, Kendall helps with the transition from drinking blood to eating Ragu over spaghetti.

Video Quality: Good VHS type quality.
Running Length: 98 minutes
Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD-R disc.