Abba - German TV 1973-1984 (NTSC DVD)


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FINALLY!, some rare ABBA performances from German TV 1973-1984.

Mostly lip synching, amazing outfits!!!

1.  Introduction
2.  People Need Love  (Disco, June-1-1973)
3.  Waterloo  (Starparade, May-16-1974)
4.  Honey Honey (Disco, Sept-28-1974)
5.  So Long  (Disco, Feb-1-1975)
6.  I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (Silvester Tanxparty, Dec-31-1975)
7.  A Visit To ABBA’s Island (Interview)  (1975)
8.  S.O.S.  (Disco, Dec-6-1975)
9.  Mamma Mia (Disco, Feb-28-1976)
10.  Fernando  (Musikladen, March-6-1976)
11.  Dancing Queen  (Disco, Nov-6-1976)
12.  ABBA On Dick Cavett Show  (Dec-4-1981)
11.  Dancing Queen  (Disco, Nov-6-1976)
12.  ABBA On Dick Cavett Show  (Dec-4-1981)
13.  Money, Money  (Disco, Nov-6-1976)
14.  Take A Chance On Me (Starparade, May-11-1978)
15.  Eagle (Starparade, May-11-1978)
16.  Gimme, Gimme, Gimme / Summer Night City (Dick Cavett Show, Dec-4-1981)
17.  Chiquitita (Musikladen, March-22-1979)
18.  The Winner Takes It All (Show Express, Nov-27.1980)
19.  Super Trouper (Show Express, Nov-27-1980)
20.  ABBA’s TV Jam with Olivia Newton-John& Andy Gibb  (Olivia 1978)
21.  On And On And On (Show Express, Nov-27-1980)
22.  Frida:  I Know There’s Something Going On (Show Express, Sept-9-1982)
23.  Frida:  Interview / Baby, Don’t You Cry No More (Show Express, Sept-9-1982)
24.  ABBA Interview  (Germany 1982)
25.  The Day Before You Came (Show Express, Nov-11-1982)
26.  Cassandra (Show Express, Nov-11-1982)
27.  Interview / Under Attack (Show Express, Nov-11-1982)
28.  Frida:  To Turn The Stone (Vorsicht Musik, March-7-1983)
29.  Agnetha:  The Heat Is On (Wetten Dass..?,  Sept-3-1983)
30.  Agnetha:  Wrap Your Arms Around Me / Interview (Wetten Dass..?, Sept-3-1983)
31.  Frida:  Come To Me (Na Sowas, Nov-29-1984)
32.  Interview with Frida, Bjorn & Benny (Na Sowas, Nov-29-1984)
33.  Murray Head:  One Night In Bangkok (Na Sowas, Nov-29-1984)
34.  Thank You For The Music (Starparade, May-11-1978)

Video Quality: Great quality.  First 5 songs are out of synch, the rest are fine
Running Length: 120 minutes
Disc Format: 1 NTSC DVD