10cc and Godley & Creme - Greatest Hits and More (1 NTSC DVD-R disc)


Price: $22.00

A fascinating insight into the music and videos of talented duo Godley and Creme and 10cc.  Greatest HitsAnd More culminatres with Godley and Creme's unique History Mix, a 17 minute visual anthology of their music and award winning videos for avarious artists, climaxing with their own hit video "Cry".

Good Morning Judge (10cc)
An Englishman In New York (Godley & Creme)
I'm Mandy Fly Me (10cc)
The Wall Street Shuffle (live) (10cc)
Wedding Bells (Godley & Creme)
The Things We Do For Love (10cc)
Dreadlock Holiday (10cc)
Feel The Love (10cc)
Golden Boy (Godley & Creme)
I'm Not In Love (Live) (10cc)
History Mix (includes Cry) (Godley & Creme)

1974 BBC Concert
Silly Love
Wall Street Shuffle
Old Wild Men
Fresh Air For My Mama
Rubber Bullets

Video Quality:  Both parts of this DVD are in very good quality, about an 8.5, using our website Quality Rating Table.  Note:  The volume level of the BBC Concert 1974 is a bit lower than the first part of the DVD, but still very good quality.

Running Length: 82 minutes.

Disc Format:  1 DVD-R disc.