Shivaree - Full Episodes - Volume 4 (2 NTSC DVD set)


Price: $29.00

Great collection of original 1960's rock and roll TV performances.

Disc 1
Oct. 16, 1965: The Byrds, Donovan, Dobie Gray, The Toys.
Oct. 23, 1965: The Turtles, Sonny & Cher, Nancy Sinatra, Brenda Holloway, The Spokesmen.
Oct. 30, 1965: The Gentrys, Johnny Tilotson, Ian Whitcomb, The Contessas.
Nov. 6, 1965: The Sunrays, Len Barry, The Strangeloves, Tommy Sands.
Nov. 13, 1965: The Knickerbockers, Mel Carter, Vic Dana, The Apollas, The Parfays.

Disc 2
Nov. 20, 1965: Gerry & The Pacemakers, Noel Harrison, Ronnie Dove, Diana & Anita.
Nov. 27, 1965: Dusty Springfield, Bobby Fuller Four, Dee Dee Sharp, Grass Roots, Glen Campbell.
Dec. 4, 1965: The Vogues, Marvin Gaye, Deep Six, Jackie Lee.
Dec. 11, 1965: The Beau Brummels, The Lovin' Spoonful, Jody Miller.
Dec. 18, 1965: Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Evie Sands, Changin' Times, Otis Redding.

Video Quality: Acceptable to good B&W quality, from kinescope original sources, about 7.75-8.0 using our website Quality Rating Table located on our home page. About 1/2 of the episodes have small running time counters located in a corner or very bottom or very top of screen, not obtrusive at all. This title for 1960's technology is quite good and enjoyable to watch.

Disc Format: 2 NTSC DVDs