Shindig / Shindig Halloween (NTSC DVD-R disc)


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Great collection of original 1960's rock and roll TV performances.

Shindig! 1965 Feb-10-65.  U.S. TV Show
Del Shannon, The Coasters, The Ventures, Bobby Hatfield, Jewel Akins, John Andrea, The Temptations, Marianne Faithful, Willie Nelson (no, not him), many others.  Fantastic mix of surf, rhythm & blues, and rock and roll!  This episode proves how cool the sixties were!  Awesome 60-minute classic TV episode.

Shindig! Halloween Oct-30-1965
Classic 1960's teen TV show with original commercials.  Boris Karloff, Ted Cassidy.  Bobby Sherman sings the Beatles (ouch!) Jim Doval and the Gauchos, the Wellingtons, the Blossoms.  Several others.  Classic 60s TV show.

Fads Of The 1960's
U.S. newsreel compilation.  A look back at the mod, groovy, cool, gear, fab, hip, outta sight, psychedelic, wild, swingin' sixties.  Pop art, op art, be-ins, hippies, happenings, mod fashion, Hollywood and rock n roll.  Documentary and news footage.  Tons o' tunes.

Video Quality:  Quality of this title is reasonably good for its time, about an 8.0.

Running Length:  116 minutes.

Disc Format:  1 NTSC DVD-R disc.