Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Works Orchestral Tour and The Manticore Special (2 NTSC DVD-R discs)


Price: $29.00

Great double disc set feat. 2 fantastic concerts.

Disc 1: Works Orchestral Tour is live in Montreal on Aug. 26, 1977, where ELP became the first rock band to assemble and tour with a full 65 piece symphony orchestra before a sold-out audience of 70.000 enthusiastic fans.

Disc 2: The Manticore Special filmed in 1973 while the band was writing, recording and touring the material that eventually became the Brain Salad Surgery album, this historic film captures them during one of the most artistically fertile phases of their career. Sorry, no song titles are avail. for either disc.

Video Quality: Disc 1: Very good VHS type quality, about an 8.25-8.5 using our website Quality Rating Table located on our home page in the Q&Q section on left side of screen. Disc 2: Good VHS type, soft, not pristine sharpness, about an 8.0.

Running Length: Disc 1: 87 minutes. Disc 2: 57 minutes.

Disc Format: 2 NTSC DVD-R discs.