Electric Light Orchestra - Electric Light TV (NTSC DVD)


Price: $22.00

A very nice collection of rare ELO various TV appearances as follows:

1) Fusion (UK TV), July 28, 1976, 50 minute concert, sorry, no song titles are available.

2) Strange Magic / Evil Woman, performed on Midnight Special, June 25, 1976.

3) Showdown, performed on Midnight Special, Sept. 17, 1976

4) I'm Ready (Rock Aria) / Living Thing / Do Yah / Telephone Line / Livin' Thing, performed on Midnight Special, Feb. 18, 1977.

5) Promos: Wild West Here / It's Over.

6) Big Night TV Commercial

7) Promos: Twilight / Shine A Little Love

Video Quality: Most clips are of good to very good VHS quality, with only a few that are slightly lesser quality
Running Length: 112 minutes