Quality Rating Table

Quality ratings are always so subjective. We use both a number system AND a descriptive system to assist you in your music purchasing decision.

The number grading system usually means the following:

9.5 or higher: As perfect as you will ever find, comparable to a Hollywood movie release.

9.0: Excellent quality, maybe just a notch below perfectly sharp, comparable to S-VHS 1st generation type quality or taping from a standard definition digital TV broadcast.

8.5: Very good VHS 1st generation type quality. This typically would compare in quality to an original store bought VHS tape release.

8.0: Good VHS 1st generation type quality, MAY have slight occasional anomalies. This typically would compare to recording on VHS tape from an analogue television broadcast.

7.5: 2nd gen VHS type quality, not as sharp, colours may be slightly off, may have a moderate amount of anomalies (tracking, etc.). Would be considered to be "acceptable" to "reasonably good" quality for enjoyable watching.

7.0: 3rd / 4th gen VHS type quality, would only be considered to be fair quality, most definitely will likely have picture anomalies, but for fans of the artist would still enjoyable to watch considering the rarity of the material.

6.5: Absolutely for fans only. Quality would NOT be satisfactory to most viewers. One would only purchase a title of this quality rating, if one is a HUGE fan and is a completist, simply having to have everything possible from that artist. We would ONLY offer a title of this low quality, due to the rarity of the material AND it WILL be accurately described on our website and/or other material.

Having said the above, if you have ANY further questions about the quality of any title, please either contact us through this website OR by email at sales@kvideodvd.com.  We will promptly get back to you with as much information as you require to better understand the content and quality of what you are considering to purchase.

All titles come with a 5 YEAR guarantee against manufacturing defects and/or deterioration of the recording layer.

All titles are either DVD-R for regular single layer discs OR are DVD+R(9) for dual layer titles. They are licensed in their country of origin and are NOT counterfeits. We only sell rare titles that are not commercially available in North America. Should a title become released or re-released in the U.S. OR Canada, we may not be aware of it. If you see such a title listed on our website, please let us know. We will immediately pull it from sale AND give you a free DVD valued up to $22.00 for your bringing it to our attention.

Thank you for your interest in Kaleidoscope Video!