About our company

Welcome to Kaleidoscope Video. Here is a brief overview of our business philosophy:

#1: Have for sale the BEST available quality, rare music and music related imported DVDs that are otherwise unavailable. All of our collections are in DVD-R format [or in the case of dual layer discs DVD+R(9)].  ALL are in high quality dvd cases with attractive, glossy, full-color photo quality art on photo paper and on-disc printing.

#2: We provide the most amazing guarantee against defective discs, a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects or deterioration of the disc. No need to include case or artwork when returning disc to us, as it only cost you and us more in shipping, just the disc is enough. Replacements are play tested before shipment and are sent within 2 business days of receiving returned title.

#3:  VERY accurate and conservative quality ratings and extremely detailed title information.  We are constantly reviewing, re-checking and adjusting our descriptions to be as complete and correct as possible. Our quality ratings are known to be generally conservative. Many customers have commented that the DVDs received were better quality than expected. Isn't that much better than the other way around? NO unpleasant surprises.

#4: ALL of our titles are officially licensed in the country of origin and are legally offered for sale for export from Canada, meeting CANADIAN laws on the sale of such titles.  Should you be aware of any information otherwise on any individual title, please let us know and we will remove the title immediately. Please understand however that every country has different copyright laws and that Canadian companies are not required to meet the laws of every country in the world, just Canada.

In short, we want to be able to replicate for you the in-store shopping experience through our website, emails, with telephone conversations AND prompt shipping of your order.  We return phone calls to anywhere in the world!   Our contact form and other important informations available on the left hand side of the website (below the artist categories). Please check out all of the supplied information through the various links for full customer satisfaction. Knowledge is power!

Thank you for your interest in Kaleidoscope Video.  We hope that we can be of service to you soon!