Dual Layer DVD+R(9) Discs Information

What are Dual Layer DVD+R(9) Discs and will they play on my machine?

Dual Layer DVD+R(9) discs look the same to the naked eyes as regular discs. However, your DVD / Blu-Ray player can detect if your disc is a dual layer, that is, one layer on top of the other. The player laser when reaching the end of the first layer, drops down microscopically lower to begin playing from the 2nd layer.

This effectively doubles the playing time available per disc, same as having the same title spread out over two regular single layer disc, without reducing picture quality.

Some of our longer titles are on either Dual Layer DVD+R(9) discs or Blu-Ray BD-R50 (dual layer blu-ray) discs. Any modern DVD player will play Dual Layer DVD+R(9) discs. However, as it is newer technology, some older players built prior to 2007 may either not be able to play them or have difficulty playing them. NOTE: ALL Blu-Ray players should be able to play BD-R50 dual layer discs.

There are three solutions if you have that problem:
Go to the DVD player manufacturer's website and download a firmware update to install on to your player. This resolves the issue in 99% of the cases.

2) If this does not work (usually because your player is really, really old), then the only solution is to buy a new player. Fortunately, this is now extremely inexpensive with name brand DVD players available in the $40 range and name brand Blu-Ray players available for about $75.00.

3) One other solution is that sometimes we have the same title available in both Dual Layer and Single Layer formats. However, due to the manufacturer using a lower bitrate to squeeze a longer playing time onto a single layer disc, picture quality may be slightly lower. This is usually not noticeable unless you are watching on a very large screen TV, 40" or larger.

If there is no defect with the Dual Layer disc, we regret that we cannot accept the return of a Dual Layer Disc for refund simply because it does not play on your equipment only.