Why do we NOT accept PayPal?

Why do we NOT accept PayPal?
We formerly dealt with PayPal but ran afoul of their arbitrary business practices in November of 2011 right in the middle of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale.

We are located in Canada so are subjected to Canadian copyright rules. These rules are significantly different than U.S. copyright rules.

Due to ONE SINGLE complaint from within the U.S., and WITHOUT consulting us, PayPal immediately froze our account which prevented us from accessing ANY of our funds for 6 months!

Basically they are trying a force a business located in Canada to follow U.S. laws. Hey PayPal, we have got news for you. There is a whole big world outside of the U.S. that has their own rules and practices. Shame on you for trying to enforce U.S. law on companies located in different sovereign countries.

We would consider dealing with PayPal again only when hell freezes over.