Return Policy

What is your return policy? What is your satisfaction guarantee?

It is important to understand that these rare import music DVD-R titles will vary significantly in quality from title to title. Every effort is made to obtain the best possible source material, but quality is often not "Hollywood movie" type quality. We regularly upgrade our titles for improved audio & video quality. Please remember that this material is quite rare and hard to find. However, the Kaleidoscope difference is that quality is always ACCURATELY described. You ALWAYS know what you are getting and receive NO unpleasant surprises. ALL TITLES are pro shot, unless indicated differently. There are not many audience shot DVDs in our catalog as they usually are not done very well. However, the odd well done audience shot is included and clearly marked as such.

We CANNOT accept returns for replacement or refund simply because you did NOT like the title or felt that the quality was sub-standard.  The only exception to this rule is if we made a major error in the description of the quality. We can only guarantee that the product is accurately described and that there are no physical defects in the disc.

We believe that we have the most amazing Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you believe that a title that you have received from us is defective, FIRST please attempt to play it on 2 or 3 different brand machines.  If it does not play on any of them, simply email or phone us explaining the problem (details, where on the disc, etc.).  We will reply with return instructions.  Upon receipt, we will examine the DVD to determine if it plays on our equipment.  If it does not play or exhibits the same problems that you described, we will do the following for you:

a)  Replace the defective title with another copy of the same title (checked before it is sent to you)
  We provide to you a credit note for $10.00 per title for defective regularly priced titles or $5.00 per title for defective sale price titles to compensate you for your inconvenience, time and postage.

To qualify, ONLY DVD must be returned in paper sleeve. DO NOT RETURN DVD case and artwork which only increase yours and our postage cost.

However, please understand and be respectful of the fact that we will not accept a return just because:

1) You did not like the movie
2) ordered the wrong title
3) the disc is not compatible with your player

or you disagreed with our quality description.

We rate quality quite conservatively (see our Quality Rating Table), so usually you will feel that the quality is better than described.   However, put 100 people in a room, and they will all differ in their opinions.

NO cash refunds under ANY circumstances, nor can we supply an alternate title in lieu of the returned defective title. We will replace your DVD with the identical title. The only exception to this rule would be if a title is deleted from sale and is no longer available to replace. In those circumstances ONLY, will we then provide you with a choice of a cash refund or another title.

5 YEAR guarantee on ALL titles!
For manufacturing defects and/or deterioration of the recording layer.