Why is artist / title not listed?


Our website went live to the general public on Sunday, August 15, 2010.

We are feverishly adding titles as fast as we can.  However, as we wish to have the most detailed, most accurately described DVD information, this takes considerable time, about 20 minutes PER title.

We also focus on getting our customer's orders out as quickly as possible, rather than spending all available time entering new titles into our website.

If there is a title or artist that you are interested in, that isn't listed on our website, we may have it in stock, but haven't had an opportunity to add that title to our online system.  Email us or contact us through the website with your request. We will reply by email usually within 1 business day, letting you know the expected time frame for adding that artist and/or title.  Our goal is to fill these requests in about 5 to 7 business days.  Again, we would then email the link to you to directly access the newly added title.

We WILL build the best possible music dvd site for our customers and it will be YOUR input that will allow us to do that.  Our priorities are to first add the artists and titles that you ask for.  So keep those phone calls and emails coming!

And don't forget to Keep On Rocking!